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i know you answered to david black let me share with you that that analysis shows that you exceeded your authority on ethics commission. are you going to do it again by adopting proposed regulations that are not well thought out and that you may exceed your authority under this charter? won't your appointment be looked down upon by exceeding your authority? mr. weener cannot possibly not find the same result in your behavior.
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hello again. just a couple of simple points. i didn't find any statute of limitations in reading of sunshine ordinance. if you can find one i'd like to get the education direction from you. number two, the sunshine ordinance is all about the first commandment right of citizens. this really matters to us in san francisco. it's beyond a freedom of speech issue. it's also a freedom of access issue. for instance, when we're dealing with the majors public housing commission, the san francisco housing authority. president and chairman, this is a federal body and we went to hud in washington d.c. and hud said
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that's not awe federal body. it's entity and when we're dealing with hud the housing authority has to obey all local and state law and sunshine ordinance and we're given the run around over illegal elections. there's millions of dollars being stolen by the councils, the residence councils. it's off the hook and nobody talks about it. i want to mention a couple of points on the rush through this process here. there's a pattern of rushing through the process. when the sunshine task force didn't have one member who is disables, they stop and when the ethics commission has miss
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mean ors going on and the meeting is not properly agendaed and ada violations are going on you have an obligation to stop the meeting until corrections can be made or you are under liability for ada lawsuit. this should be elementary in san francisco and in closure i want to come back to did you remove proceedings in the charter from the deal from the final document from fifteen dot one zero five? did i get that right? a. we haven't taken any action. speaker: okay thank you so much. this removal from office really needs to come forward especially when there's such an unequal application in the laws
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in this city. thanks. speaker: i'm not sure i heard it right about sixty-seven thirty-four -- oh it's back on. okay. there are two provisions of sixty-seven thirty-four one which defines official misconduct and one which discusses willing violations of the law. the official misconduct provision talks about a willful failure of any elected official and so forth to discharge a duty imposed by the ordinance of the act. there are actually sixteen places in the city charter where there can be a finding of official misconduct. there's this one plus fifteen others. at some
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point you are going to need regulations on how to handle that. admittingly the charter provisions are a mess. once you move away from what the mayor can do and the mayor cannot do but you still need the regulations. the other problems i have obviously the artificial statute of limitations one year from the date the records were asked for. it makes no sense and i think it's probably too restrictive to stand up to the constitutional requirement of how you interpret laws affecting public access. there's also a provision that the notes of the investigative individuals on investigating individuals are to be kept confidential until the decision is made. there's no basis for keep

September 29, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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